We have more than 20 guitars and basses available. This includes tenor and baritone acoustics in 6 and 12 strings; Music Man, Hofner, and Ibanez basses; hollow and semi-hollow body electrics; and tenor, baritone, and octave electrics.


We have guitar amps from Mesa Boogie, Music Man, Jackson Ampworks, VHT/Fryette, and Randall. The modular Randall amps can use any of 20 different tube preamps that replicate the sound of Marshall, Fender, Bogner, Splawn, Supro, Vox, Vampower and more.


We have Moog and Prophet synthesizers, a hammer-action 88-key controller, the full Arturia V Collection of classic synthesizer emulations, and many incredible sounding sample libraries for Kontakt.


We have a 60s 3-ply Slingerland kit (13, 18, 20, 24); a Yamaha Recording Custom kit (8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 22); Bosphorus, Sabian, and Zildjian cymbals; and snares from Dunnett, Noble & Cooley, Tama, Pearl, Rogers, Gretsch, and Pork Pie. We also have full sets of Roto-Toms and Octobans.


Add a unique flavor to your songs with djembes, cajons, pitched cymbals, wood blocks, guiros, triangles, castanets, cabasas, galaxies, helix bowls, a dozen different shakers, and more in our always growing percussion collection.

… and more

We’ve also got ukeleles from tenor to bass, mandolins, a mandola, a banjo, and more. There are a lot of instruments it doesn’t make sense for you to own when you may only ever use them on one song. We’re constantly, carefully expanding our collection of unique stuff so that we’ll have any color you […]

In and Out

We’ve got Mercury, Pacifica, Tonelux, Focusrite, Thermionic Culture, True Systems, and Audient Pres on the front end of things. On the way out, you have your choice of Rupert Neve Designs or SSL SuperAnalogue mixers. In between, we have 48 channels in and 48 channels out of SSL converters.


We’ve got racks full of great analog gear. Rockreupel comp.two, Buzz Audio Mastering EQ, LA-2A, 1176s, Pultecs, Retro 176, Retro Sta-level, Vertigo VSM-2, Elysia Mpressor, Distressors, UBK Fatso, Ridge Farm Boiler, SSL XR681s, API 2500, TK Audio BC-1mk2, and more.


We love the sound of our analog gear, but we also embrace the power of modern digital tools. We have Pro Tools 12 and Cubase 8.5, both controlled by 24 channels of Avid faders. Both DAWs can also take advantage of a UAD-2 Octo card with a broad selection of plugins from UAD, Soundtoys, Slate, […]