If your project requires a different sound than your main axe provides, we’ve got 20 guitars you can use. Six-string, baritone, 4-string tenor, electric, acoustic, solid-body, semi-hollow body, archtop… we’ve got it all covered.

Choose from among dozens of boutique pedals to find almost any sound you might be looking for.

We have guitar amps from Mesa Boogie, Music Man, Jackson Ampworks, VHT/Fryette, and Randall. The modular Randall amps can use any of 20 different tube preamps that replicate the sound of wide variety of preamp circuits. These preamps can then be paired with various power amps to almost any tone you can imagine.

We’ve also got a Kemper Modelling Amplifier which allows us to capture a full signal chain–preamp, power amp, cabinet, microphones, and room–to a profile and then re-use it at any time, or even send it home with you if you’ve got your own Kemper.

Our guitar amps include:

  • Mesa Boogie IIB with 5-band EQ
  • Music Man Sixty-Five
  • VHT/Freyette 2/50/2
  • Jackson Britain 30
  • Jackson Atlantic 4.0
  • Randall RM-100
  • Randall RM-4
  • Randall RM-1250
  • Carvin Quad-X

Our Randall preamp modules recreate the sound of amps like Orange Rockerverb, Bogner Fish, Soldano SLO100, Framus Cobra, Marshall Plexi, Fender Twin Reverb, Vox AC series, Custom Audio Electronics 3+ SE, Marshall Silver Jubilee, Marshall 1959RR, Dumble Overdrive Special, Supro Thunderbolt, Vampower, and more

Our cabinets include front-ported Jackson 1×12″ cabs loaded with Creamback and Alnico Gold, a 12″ 3/4-close back loaded with A-Type, Dr Z 2×10 convertible open- or closed-back loaded with Z-Best drivers, and more. We have power soaks available to let you crank high-power amps up to their sweet spot without melting voice coils, and also an SPL Transducer cabinet and mic emulator.