Our engineers know every inch of the studio and will take care of all of the technical details, freeing you to focus on your performance, confident that we’re capturing that performance in a way that not only sounds great but is creatively appropriate for your project. Record everything here, or just do your basic tracks […]


A producer understands and is invested in your creative vision but can provide a second, more objective viewpoint. Our producers can act as a sounding board, inject fresh new ideas when you need them, and generally manage the process of getting from a demo to the complete realization of your vision. We can work with […]


We have Rupert Neve Designs and SSL mixers, racks full of classic analog outboard gear and some rare mastering grade compressors and equalizers, all of which provide a fast, intuitive mix workflow and unique, musical results that you just can’t get with just a DAW and the same plugins everyone else is using. Our full-range, […]